FINEEC's Cycle of Continuous Improvement (text equivalent)

The cycle of continuous improvement of FINEEC’s quality management, where personnel, customers, operational environment, and management work together for a trustworthy, independent, open and bold FINEEC.



  • Management
  • Evaluation processes
    • Learning outcomes evaluations
    • Quality management evaluations
    • Thematic and system evaluations
  • Support processes (HR, finance, IT management, communications)
  • Experimental development
  • Involving external stakeholders


Monitoring and evaluation of activities

  • Monitoring strategy implementation
  • Monitoring the National Plan for Education Evaluation
  • Project specific feedback
  • Stakeholder survey
  • Development discussions
  • VMBaro personnel survey
  • Self-assessments
  • External evaluations

Operational environment


  • Development measures and projects
  • Strategic development
  • Developing one’s own work
  • Competence development



  • Law and decree
  • Operating principles
    • Independence
    • Enhancement-led evaluation
  • FINEEC Strategy
  • National Plan for Education Evaluation
  • Resource allocation
    • Budget
    • Personnel programme