Pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education

Pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education
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Pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education are evaluated with learning outcomes evaluations and various thematic and system evaluations. The aim is to produce knowledge for developing teaching and decision-making. The evaluations also aim at ensuring educational equity and the quality of teaching. Moreover, they function as a tool of informative steering and development at schools. Systematic data acquisition provides information to national and regional levels, teaching and education providers as well as schools.

Learning outcomes evaluations collect information about the attainment of the objectives of the national core curricula for pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education. Systematic and comprehensive evaluation enables the monitoring of the development of learning results. For example, it enables monitoring of pupil evaluation in relation to study objectives and evaluation criteria, studying regional differences and gender-based differences as well as studying pupils’ attitudes and motivation towards studies.

Thematic and system evaluations provide information about topical education content areas with regard to educational policy, forms of education and the education system as a whole, or specific parts therein.

Fee-based services

FINEEC also provides education providers with fee-based evaluation services. These include evaluations and training events for education providers and schools. We also have developed audit services for international schools following the Finnish education model.

Support for education providers

FINEEC supports education providers and schools in the development of their own evaluation activities. Participation in learning result evaluations provides education providers and schools with crucial information about learning and helps them to recognise strengths and development targets. Content and method information provided by FINEEC also enables the development of self-evaluation activities for schools from a reliable and varied foundation.