Audit of Novia University of Applied Sciences 2019

Higher education

FINEEC has carried out an audit of Novia University of Applied Sciences. This was the first audit in which the new audit model for higher education institutions was applied. Novia passed the audit and received a quality label which is valid for six years from 23 January 2019. By passing the audit, Novia shows that its operations and quality system meet FINEEC’s national criteria and the European standards for quality assurance of higher education institutions.

Novia’s quality system received the best possible assessment from the Nordic audit team. According to the audit team, Novia’s quality system has a very clear structure. The quality work is an integral part of the institution’s operations and is characterised by a strong systematic approach.

– The audit team was impressed by the way in which identified areas for development are systematically incorporated into the institutional operational planning. The quality system supports Novia’s strategic management in an excellent way, says Håkan Wiklund, professor of quality management at the Mid Sweden University and the chair of the audit team.

By working in a target-oriented and systematic manner, Novia has been successful in focusing its operations and strengthening the impact of its operations on society. The audit team saw many examples of how the institution works actively with various actors regionally, nationally and internationally. The Nordic networks and collaboration were highlighted in the audit as an important way of enriching and enhancing Novia’s operations.

Working-life relevance is a guiding principle in education

The educational provision is planned and implemented at all levels with a focus on its relevance to working life. There is a strong student-centred approach in education, and Novia’s staff show a strong commitment to its operations.

The audit team considers that the main area for development is the course evaluations. Students should also be systematically informed about the results of course evaluations and improvement measures taken.

– Novia’s quality work could also include further systematic ways to enhance the staff participation in the development of operations. The internal sharing of knowledge and good practices between the units and Novia’s strategic focus areas could also be enhanced, says Wiklund.

Quality audits of higher education institutions have been conducted in Finland since 2005. All Finnish higher education institutions have participated in the audits.

The audit report is available in the new FINEEC audit platform.

The evaluation areas and criteria are presented in FINEEC’s audit manual.

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