FINEEC produces reliable national evaluation data, expertise and understanding regarding education and its quality. Among other things, our evaluations result in development recommendations that can be used locally, regionally and nationally alike when making decisions on developing education. This is how our evaluation evidence helps improve Finnish education. 

In our evaluations, we examine the selected theme to see if the achieved results meet the objectives – for example, if learners’ knowledge and skills reach the level specified in curricula, or if education policy reforms have led to the desired results. The evaluations are conducted by systematically collecting, analysing and interpreting information. While they are academic studies, their conclusions guide the selection of key development areas on which recommendations are issued. In other words, they involve valuation, which partly distinguishes them from research. 

We could not fulfil our tasks without our expert employees. FINEEC has around 50 employees, most of whom work at our headquarters in Helsinki, while some are based in Jyväskylä. We are a separate unit of the Finnish National Agency for Education and share offices with the Agency’s employees in Helsinki. We also work remotely some of the time. 

Surveys have shown that FINEEC employees enjoy their work and that we have a warm and welcoming work community. We regularly monitor our personnel’s satisfaction and tackle areas requiring development with a low threshold. We also have a low hierarchy, and managers and supervisors are present in the daily work. 


FINEEC employees work in various expert positions with meaningful and responsible tasks. Most of us are evaluation experts focusing on evaluations at different levels of education. Evaluation experts’ tasks include planning evaluations, acquiring and analysing data, and reporting on evaluation findings and conclusions. In addition, evaluation experts participate in societal debate and promote stakeholder cooperation and the use of evaluation evidence. 

In addition to evaluation experts, FINEEC also employs methodologists as well as administration and communication experts. We also regularly host university trainees who always make a fresh contribution to our work.  

Read more about our experts on the Contact page. 

To read about trainees’ experiences at FINEEC, go to the For students page. 

Competence development 

FINEEC's goal is having competent employees with a high level of wellbeing, which is why we invest in the professional development of our personnel in many ways. We regularly organise different types of training, and our employees can also participate in a wide range of trainings and conferences outside FINEEC. 

The crowning glory of our learning culture is our in-house Competence development programme, which incorporates professional development in daily work. In this programme, FINEEC employees receive weekly tips about training and share their competence and good practices at monthly informal evaluation meetings. As part of the Competence development programme, FINEEC also selects an annual focus area or theme and makes particular efforts to develop expertise related to it across the organisation. 

FINEEC employees also have the opportunity to participate in various job rotation programmes both in Finland and abroad. In these opportunities, we follow the central government’s general job rotation principles (link in Finnish). 

Employee benefits

FINEEC’s employee benefits also include 

  • comprehensive induction training noted even at the central government level (link in Finnish) 
  • flexitime with generous limits 
  • possibility to work remotely part of the time
  • lunch benefit 
  • sports and cultural benefit
  • working facilities in a modern multi-space office in Hakaniemi and in the centre of Jyväskylä
  • high-quality occupational health care
  • possibility of participating in various leisure time clubs 
  • opportunities offered by a work community and employer larger than FINEEC, as we are a separate unit of the Finnish National Agency for Education. 


We advertise our vacancies on the central government’s web service

We encourage applicants from all types of backgrounds to apply for a job with us. We take an open approach to different life situations and diverse work and life experiences. 

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