Audit services for international schools following the Finnish education model

FINEEC conducts audits of international schools that follow the Finnish education model. The curriculum of these schools is based on the Finnish National core curriculum (2014), which is locally adapted and approved.

International schools following the Finnish education model may contact FINEEC and request an audit if the school’s academic plan has been approved by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The first audit conducted by FINEEC will be a so-called pilot audit. After the pilot, FINEEC will be ready to audit more schools.

You will find the audit manual for the pilot audit in English below. 

The purpose of FINEEC’s audits is to verify that the operation of the schools and the organisation of education are in line with the Finnish school characteristics and the schools meet the criteria set for the audit.

In addition, the objective is to help providers of education following the Finnish education model to identify the strengths, good practices and areas in need of development in their operation according to the principles of enhancement-led evaluation. FINEEC supports education providers in the achievement of the objectives, with the aim being to direct future development activities in the creation of preconditions for the continuous development of the schools’ operation.

The audit focuses on four evaluation areas. The audit criteria for each area are described in the audit manual. (pilot version)

  1. Organisation of education
  2. Primary principles of school culture and pedagogy
  3. Teaching practices and working methods
  4. Development of Finnish school characteristics

The audit process includes a self-evaluation and an on-site/virtual visit by FINEEC’s audit team. The details of the audit are set out in the audit agreement.

After the audit, the audit team writes a report, on the basis of which the Audit Committee for international schools following the Finnish education model makes a decision on the audit result. After having passed the audit, the education provider receives a quality label that will be valid for four years. The audit report is public.

Please request an offer for an audit from FINEEC, contact information:

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