Evaluation services subject to a fee

We support the development of education also by offering evaluation services subject to a fee: customers can order various lectures, evaluations and other services from us. 

The purpose of FINEEC's evaluation services subject to a fee is to produce information on a topic chosen by the customer and to support education and early childhood education and care providers in developing their quality management and other activities. The evaluation services subject to a fee are underpinned by FINEEC's expertise, strategy, values and focus areas. These aspects are consequently taken into account when making decisions on the provision of fee-based evaluation services.

Typical FINEEC customers are education and ECEC providers, educational institutions, higher education institutions and similar, including public administration or private sector organisationsThe content and structure of evaluation services subject to a fee are always determined according to the customer's wishes. 

Evaluation services subject to a fee can also be provided for international customers. 

You can order the following services from FINEEC: 

Consultations, lectures and visits
FINEEC's experts provide consultations and give lectures on our evaluation themes at other organisations’ events. You can also come and visit FINEEC to familiarise yourself with our work. 

Evaluations of learning outcomes in primary and lower secondary education
In national evaluations of learning outcomes, the sample is usually 5% to 10% of students in each grade. Should they wish, education providers not included in the sample may order a corresponding evaluation of learning outcomes as a paid service. Note: Due to the development phase of the learning outcomes digital evaluation system, learning outcomes evaluations cannot be ordered for the time being. 

Evaluations of topical education themes 
Examples of thematic evaluations ordered from FINEEC include Evaluation of the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities, Evaluation of instruction in programming in general upper secondary education , and Realisation of the cultural and social rights of children living in rural and archipelago areas in changes made to the school network and impact of the closures of comprehensive schools on the vitality of regions.  

Audits of higher education institutions
FINEEC is responsible for evaluating the education provided at universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland. The Act on Universities of Applied Sciences and the Universities Act oblige higher education institutions to participate in external evaluations of their operations and quality systems, or audits, on a regular basis. Read more about higher education institution audits

Accreditations of degree programmes in engineering
Accreditation of a degree programme in engineering is an evaluation aiming for the international EUR-ACE quality label. The goal of the accreditation is to support degree programme development and to improve the international comparability of Finnish degrees. Read more about accreditations of degree programmes in engineering. 

Evaluations of maritime sector education and training 
Education and training in the maritime sector is directed by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) STCW Convention. Under this Convention, the IMO approves the education and certificate system of every country as well as their quality management system based on an independent evaluation. An audit must be conducted at least every five years. FINEEC carried out its most recent evaluation of maritime education and training in 2020–2022. 

Audits of international schools following the Finnish education model  
Schools following the Finnish education model comply with a locally tailored and approved curriculum based on the Finnish National core curriculum for primary and lower secondary education (Finnish National Agency for Education 2014). The purpose of FINEEC's audits is to verify that the operation and instruction of these schools have been organised in line with the typical characteristics of the Finnish education model and that the schools meet the audit criteria. Read more about the audits of international schools following the Finnish education model. 


Evaluation services subject to a fee are provided in compliance with the Act on the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (1295/2013), Government proposal for an Act on the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (HE 117/2013 vp) and the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State (150/1992). The government proposal for an Act on the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre notes that while some of the evaluations are conducted as official activities free of charge, FINEEC also conducts evaluations as paid services.

According to the public law principle, the income from services subject to a fee can be used to cover the costs incurred rather than to generate a profit. Of FINEEC's services subject to a fee, higher education institution audits are services governed by public law, and their pricing is determined in the Ministry of Education and Culture's Decree on Fees Charged for the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Services (1188/2023).

All other services, with the exception of higher education institution audits, are services priced on a commercial basis. The prices of commercial services have been determined in FINEEC's service price list. 

Requests for quotations

You can e-mail your request for a quotation to kirjaamo@karvi.fi. At minimum, your message should include 

  • the preliminary objective, subject matter and purpose of the evaluation or other service
  • the schedule
  • other customer wishes and issues to be taken into account. 

Once the request for a quotation has been received, we will invite you to an initial meeting to discuss your wishes in detail. We will support you all the way from submitting your request for a quotation to the other stages of the order process. 

FINEEC's process for evaluation services subject to a fee. 1: Customer contact, 2: First meeting and discussion of wishes, 3: Request for a quotation to FINEEC, 4: Submission of quotation, 5: Drawing up and signing of the contract, 6: Delivery of the evaluation service, 7: Collection of feedback and final briefing, 8: Invoicing

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