Evaluation of learning outcomes in long syllabus English grade 9, spring 2021

Pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education

Learning outcomes in long syllabus English, 9th grade, spring 2021

Learning outcomes evaluation in long syllabus English is the second stage of a longitudinal evaluation, the first stage of which was conducted in autumn 2018 when the students started grade 7. The second stage of the evaluation in spring 2021 was conducted among 9th graders.

The evaluation sought to find out to what extent the students had achieved the criteria for school grades 5, 7 and 8 set out in the National Core Curriculum (Finnish National Agency for Education 2016) as well as which background factors (including the students’ gender and plans for further studies and their guardians’ educational backgrounds) and characteristics of the learning environment (such as the geographical location of the school, type of municipality, language of instruction) are linked to students’ knowledge and skills.

The evaluation was carried out digitally via web browser. The evaluation included tasks in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. At the time of the evaluation, Finland was partly under exemption conditions, meaning that approximately half of the participating schools were in distance education.


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