Support for evaluation and quality management

Vocational education

FINEEC supports vocational education and training providers in matters concerning evaluation and quality management.

FINEEC supports education providers in the development of quality management in the following ways:

  • by producing evaluation data for the needs of quality development
  • by evaluating organisers’ quality management systems
  • by producing information on quality management and development practices and by spreading them across the boundaries of different levels of education.
  • by supporting early childhood education and care providers, schools, educational institutions and higher education institutions in taking advantage of national evaluations and self-assessments and in strengthening the perspective of enhancement-led evaluation.
  • by supporting quality management, steering, development and assurance.
  • by developing evaluation systems, support material and evaluation tools
  • by offering training and guidance concerning quality management and evaluation

More information:

Tarja Frisk.

Tarja Frisk

Counsellor of Evaluation
Vocational education
+358 29 533 5504 Helsinki
Raisa Hievanen.jpg

Raisa Hievanen

Senior Evaluation Advisor
Vocational education
+358 29 533 5542 Helsinki