Thematic and system evaluations

General upper secondary education

Thematic evaluations focus on some content package or theme (e.g. further education abilities provided by the general upper secondary school). The target may also be the evaluation of the state of a certain form of education. (e.g. special needs education in general upper secondary school). System evaluations study the education system as a whole or its part, educational policy and its implementation or education system renewal and development processes (e.g. functioning of the curriculum system).

In thematic and system evaluation, multidisciplinary planning and evaluation group will be formed for the evaluation project. The evaluation will use inclusive and varied evaluation methods. The key is to take into account the perspectives of various stakeholders, critical and profound study of the phenomenon to be evaluated and to get a com­prehensive understanding of the evaluation target.

Evaluation of the new forms of student counselling (OHJA) 2022–2024

Evaluation of the general upper secondary education reform (LUKA)

Evaluation of student transitions and smooth study paths 
Evaluation of learning and competencies in basic education and general upper secondary education
Assessment of the implementation of the Pupil and Student Welfare Act
International comparison of the integration of immigrants into the educational system
Self-evaluation and quality management procedures of basic education and general upper secondary education providers