Assessment of the implementation of the Pupil and Student Welfare Act

Vocational education Pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education General upper secondary education

1.3.2016 – 30.4.2018

The assessment focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of the renewal of student welfare services mandated by the Pupil and Student Welfare Act, as well as the availability of staff and the accessibility of services. The assessment focuses on pre-primary and basic education, upper secondary vocational education and training, and general upper secondary education. The assessment will provide information on the state of student welfare services and its effectiveness. The results will be used to develop student welfare services and their quality on the national and local level.

The evaluation data will be collected with a survey and interviews in spring 2017. In addition, the assessment will also include workshops or evaluation panels.

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Salla Venäläinen

Salla Venäläinen

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