Thematic and system evaluations

Early childhood education and care

Thematic evaluations of early childhood education focus on some content package or theme. System evaluations may also study a whole education system or some part of it. The evaluation target may be education policy and its implementation or the renewal and development processes of the education system. Evaluations may target one educational level, or cover several educational levels.

A multidisciplinary planning and evaluation group will be formed for the evaluation project. The evaluation will use inclusive and varied methods. The key is to take into account the perspectives of various stakeholders, critical and profound study of the phenomenon to be evaluated and to get a com­prehensive understanding of the evaluation target.

Newest publication

The purpose of FINEEC’s Policy Brief series is to support discussion and decision-making on education policy and societal issues and to promote the use of evaluation information in support of decisionmaking.

This final report examines the planning phase, the development phase, piloting and deployment of the system, and the final results of the system development.

Ongoing evaluations

Evaluation of the implementation of anti-bullying activities and methods aiming to prevent bullying by children and supporting socio-emotional skills in early childhood education and care

The project evaluates methods aiming to prevent bullying by children and to support socio-emotional skills as part of the activities of child groups and early childhood education and care (ECEC) centres.

Finished evaluations

The evaluation project examined how the processes of reforming the local curricula for early childhood education and care (ECEC) have been realised. The evaluation provided information on how the introduction of local curricula has been realised after 1 August 2022.

The National Education Evaluation Centre conducted an evaluation in the early childhood education and care in 2022–2023. This evaluation was part of the National Plan for Education Evaluation for 2020–2023. The evaluation focused on training programmes in universities, universities of applied sciences (UAS) and vocational training.

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine the management and leadership of early childhood education and its structures as a part of the quality management of ECEC organizers and private service providers. The evaluation advanced the realization of equality for overall growth, development and learning of children in early childhood education. The aim of the evaluation was to benefit the national level of the early childhood education management system as well as local level stakeholders by providing information on the current state of the early childhood education leadership system and its strengths and areas for development

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