Plan for Education Evaluation 2024–2027

The themes and schedules of FINEEC's future evaluations are determined in the National Plan for Education Evaluations. The evaluation plans are prepared for a four-year period at a time, and they cover all levels from early childhood education and care to higher education.

In addition to individual evaluations and their schedules, the evaluation plan identifies the strategic goals of FINEEC's evaluations, or their key societal themes, for the four-year period in question. A single goal can be the umbrella theme for multiple evaluations, and equally, a single evaluation can produce information for multiple goals.

The strategic goals of the evaluations for the 2024–2027 evaluation plan period are:

  • raising the competence and education levels
  • fostering social, ecological and economic sustainable development
  • continuous improvement of the quality of education and early childhood education and care

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National Education Evaluation Plan 2024–2027

Preparation of the evaluation plan 

The evaluation plan is drawn up and any modifications to it are made by the government-appointed Evaluation Council that operates in conjunction with FINEEC. Different stakeholders across a broad front are consulted when preparing the evaluation plan, and themes for future evaluations may also be proposed by any of them. Factors accounted for when preparing the evaluation plan include building a national knowledge base for education, tapping information acquired previously and produced by other actors, and education themes topical for society. 

The proposal for an evaluation plan is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Evaluation plan updates 

While the evaluation plan is drawn up for four years at a time, it can also be modified if this is necessitated by education policy reforms and other changes. Such modifications are approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture on the basis of the Council’s proposal. 

FINEEC always reviews the evaluation plan with the Ministry of Education and Culture at least once halfway through the planning period. In this review, completed evaluations and their findings are examined, and any changes to the plan are discussed.

Legislative provisions on the evaluation plan are contained in: 

  • Act on the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre 1295/2013
  • Government Decree on the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre 1317/2013