FINEEC's strategy (see the image below) guides the operations of the organisation for the next four-year period. The cornerstones of our strategy are our statutory mission, vision, strategic goals, the values guiding our work and FINEEC's impact targets.

The strategic goals of the evaluations for the 2024–2027 evaluation plan period are:

  • raising the competence and education levels
  • fostering social, ecological and economic sustainable development
  • continuous improvement of the quality of education and early childhood education and care

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Our strategy.

Our strategy goes hand in hand with the four-year evaluation plan, which is why the strategy is prepared for the same four-year period as the plan. Our evaluation plan includes the practical steps to implement the strategy.

FINEEC's strategy reform work was linked to the preparation of the National Education Evaluation Plan 2024–2027. The strategy work started with an analysis of the operating environment, a stakeholder survey and value reflections when the new Evaluation Council started its work in the autumn of 2022. Several consultations and workshops have been organised during the preparatory work to clarify the strategic goals and ensure an impact of national evaluation activities.

For the evaluation plan, we mapped users' needs and analysed hundreds of evaluation initiatives, which served as a basis for the Evaluation Council to draft a proposal for an Education Evaluation Plan for 2024–2027.