Vocational education

Vocational education
Opiskelijat työskentelevät metallikoneella.
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Vocational education and training is evaluated with

Learning outcomes evalutions tell whether the objectives of the VET are reached

Learning outcomes evaluations will study whether the objectives of the vocational upper secondary qualification and professional competence required in working life are attained. In addition, competence in common units that are part of vocational upper secondary qualifications is evaluated.

The quality of VET providers’ pedagogical activities and its link with learning and competence is also evaluated in the learning outcomes evaluations.

Thematic evaluations support decision-making and development of education

The aim of thematic evaluations is to produce information to support decision-making and the development of education. The theme of the evaluation may concern a single area or a wider topic. The themes often cover areas that are important with regard to educational policy. FINEEC also evaluates themes across several educational levels (e.g. primary education, secondary education and higher education).

Evaluation data for the needs of quality development

FINEEC evaluates VET providers quality management and supports providers in matters concerning evaluation and quality management.

Fee-based services

FINEEC also provides education providers with fee-based evaluation services.