Welcome to FINEEC's new website! Read on to learn what's new


FINEEC's old website had reached the end of its technical life cycle, and the need to redesign the website had been evident for a while. Here, we describe the key changes made to the website, so that you can continue to find the information you need.

The most important aspect of the website redesign project was to enable the better utilisation of information. That is why the content and structure of the website have been slightly rearranged and site search has been improved. Accessibility aspects have also been taken into account. 

Visuality and tone of voice 

We aimed at a more visual and fresh design for the new website, and the pages now display a more vibrant use of colours. We have also made slight changes to our visual identity in connection with the website redesign, and these changes will also be reflected in our other communications in the future. 

We have also paid attention to our tone of voice. During spring 2023, we determined that we want to be 

  • reliable, professional, and convincing
  • clear and easy to understand
  • fresh and interesting
  • friendly, approachable, and humane.

The tone of the revised texts on the website reflects these goals. Change always takes time, and we haven't yet had the chance to go through all the texts on the website. We will continue to revise the texts even after the launch. 

Front page 

You will continue to find our latest press releases, upcoming events, and links to the designated pages of each level of education on the front page. To balance the page layout, the latest reports will no longer be listed on the front page. They will, however, be announced as individual press releases as before. The reports will also continue to be available and searchable on the Publications page.

Our front page will also enable featuring topical issues. 

Site search 

As FINEEC's website contains a vast amount of evaluation information from different levels of education, an efficient search function is a necessity. In the new search function, we have improved the accuracy of search results and added filtering options to limit the number of results. 

Current issues section 

One of the new features of the website is the Current issues section where we have compiled some of the existing content of our website, such as news, statements, and policy briefs. Our blog, which was previously available on a separate website, can also be found under the Current issues section from now on. 

About us page 

In terms of content, the biggest change has taken place on the About us page. The page will continue to include all the same information as the old website, but it will be better arranged into sections. New information on, for example, our evaluation types, enhancement-led evaluation, the four-year evaluation plan, and working at FINEEC has also been added.

Contact information 

Our contact details can be found in the same place as before, but we have added a designated section for the media.  

Coming later 

The new website is still being developed. We will continue to migrate older content to the new site, and some more extensive reforms can be expected at a later date. For example, we are going to introduce a new reporting platform that will facilitate browsing reports one page or topic at a time. So don't forget to follow our news! 

We also aim to harmonise the style and content of the different evaluation pages at the start of the new evaluation plan period (in 2024). 

Feedback on the website 

We welcome both praise and constructive criticism on the new website by e-mail at viestinta@karvi.fi. All feedback is valuable for the further development of our website!