Assessment of learning outcomes in Finnish as a second language at the end of basic education

Pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education


The assessment of learning outcomes in Finnish as a second language (S2) at the end of basic education is implemented between February 2014 and December 2015. The purpose of the assessment is to study how well 9th grade pupils, who are studying and are evaluated according to the S2 curricula, have attained the objectives of the 2004 national core curriculum for basic education in Finnish as a second language and literature skills.

The aim of the evaluation is to study how successful S2 teaching is in relation to the objectives of the core curriculum and the pupils’ eligibility for further studies. A further objective is to support the development of S2 teaching and evaluation. In addition, a comprehensive picture of the state of S2 teaching and the realisation of educational equality at national level will be provided.

The evaluation data is collected from S2 pupils as an extensive sample with series of exercises related to the various aspects of language use (speaking, listening comprehension, writing and reading comprehension). Moreover, background surveys will be conducted among the pupils, teachers and principals to gain information on factors affecting S2 learning results, such as the amount and methods of education provided, teaching arrangements and pupils’ study attitudes.

A national test was held in April 2015. The evaluation results will be published in early-2016.

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Salla Venäläinen

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