Leadership in early childhood education: The current state, strengths and areas of development

Early childhood education and care
  • First phase report (2021): Link
  • Statistical report (2021): Link

The evaluation examines leadership and management systems in Finnish early childhood education and care (ECEC). The evaluation is implemented in two phases between 2020 and 2023.

In the first phase of the evaluation (2020–2021) a survey of the current state in the leadership and management of ECEC was implemented. The material for the evaluation was collected in two different surveys, the first of which was targeted at the most senior municipal officeholders responsible for ECEC and the second at heads of early education centres and family day care supervisors. The report of the first phase of the evaluation was published at the end of 2021.

The second phase of the evaluation (2022–2023) focuses both on the organisation structures and the organisational culture in ECEC as enablers of the work of the head of an early education centre. The first phase of the evaluation revealed that the work of heads of early education centres comprises a number of work tasks and there is also a lot of variation in their duties. Based on these observations, efforts are made to examine in more detail the factors that can promote their work. Based on the first phase, attention is paid especially to the head’s opportunities to influence their own work, the position of the head in the organisation and the deputy management arrangements. Both qualitative and quantitative evaluation material for the evaluation will be collected in autumn 2022.


  • Together, we aim to provide the best possible early childhood education and care and quality to the day of every child. The diverse leadership structures and leadership in early childhood education and care (2021): Link
  • Key figures of management and leadership in early childhood education and care (Statistical report 2021).  The statistical report presents the most important key figures related to management and leadership in ECEC: Link
  • Slides from the publishing event on 18 November 2021: Link (PDF in Finnish)

Evaluation produces information on the following focus areas:

  • Increasing the functionality of the education system
  • Developing learning and competence
  • Promoting equality

More information about FINEEC’s information production on focus areas.

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